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The documentation of immovable heritage is an essential step for its conservation since it puts its historical and architectural importance at value. During the retrieval of information regarding the history of Casa Orozco, the fact that there are several positions regarding who was the author of the project stood out. In other words, it has not been possible to reach a consensus in order to attribute the authorship, nor has it been possible to attain any document that provides decisive proof. Because of this controversy, and with the aim of putting forth a coherent and well-informed hypothesis, it was decided to fathom the topic at depth.

The Research Background section aims to share with the reader the process of the research on the authorship of the House, including a compilation of positions held by experts on the subject, as well as the different consulted sources and precisions on concepts, necessary to interpret said sources. The present research does not pretend to give a final answer, nor to close the topic definitely, but rather to contribute to the documentation and conservation of the building, allow the formulation of new questions, and, above all else, to value it importance as part of the city’s heritage.

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