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It has not been possible, to this moment, to obtain any document that, in a decisive manner, sheds light on who is or are the authors of the Workshop-Dormitory at López Cotilla. The exploration of several lines of research remains pending, as well as the revision of some letters that Orozco sent to Barragán, and vice versa, which, for the time being, are not available. There is trust that it will be possible to do so in a near future and that this will confirm the hypothesis of this research, or, perhaps, point towards new directions on the topic.

Meanwhile, as an approach towards a conclusion, what remains is to use the obtained data in an orderly and coherent manner and confront it with the information on the topic that different authors have previously used, analyze coincidences and inconsistencies, and, with this as a base, establish a well-informed position on the project’s authorship.

As an important part of the conclusions of this research, it was decided to also include, as an object of study, the physical characteristics of the Workshop-Dormitory, since the analysis of its architectural program, functional scheme, composition, geometry and formal and aesthetic proposals can tell a lot about its author.

In addition, this spatial analysis of the Workshop-Dormitory, in comparison with the architectural style or styles, reach and plastic proposals that, around that time (1936), the mentioned possible authors put into their projects, could prove of great usefulness in order to discard some of the options, and approach the author.